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Dry Eye

Dry eye is an incredibly common condition and is frequently under diagnosed. Symptoms range from blurred vision, burring irritated eyes, foreign body sensation, tired eyes, and even tearing. Yes - reflex tearing occurs when the eye become to dry.

Dry Land

One of the main challenges of treating dry eye is to determine why the eyes are dry. Tears are made up of 3 layers or components each made by different glands or cells - protein, water, and oil. Unfortunately, treatment is not 'one size fits all'. Understanding lifestyle, medication effects, and other health conditions is important to successfully treating. Patients can lubricate the eye to their heart's content but if changes are not made in habits such as staring at a computer screen or prolonged reading, patients will still suffer with dry eyes.

Dry eye cannot be 'cured'. It is an ongoing condition that will continue to require treatment to prevent flair up of symptoms. 

Recommended lubricating eyes drops; Systane, Refresh, Thera Tears, and Blink.

It is best to stay away from store branded drops as they are the ones recently involved in the large recalls.

Created by Ayla Nicole 2022

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