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Cataracts & Surgery

Cataracts are simply a cloudiness or opacity in the natural lens of the eye. The primary symptoms of cataracts include blurry vision and glare with headlight and bright sun. Other symptoms can include decreased color perception, decreased nighttime vision, and changes in glasses. 


Our dedicated surgical coordinators will personally walk patients though the whole process start to finish!

Planning Surgery

Cataract surgery is a fairly quick 10-15 minute procedure done at an out-patient surgical center; the entire experience, however, will be about 2 hours.

An initial cataract evaluation with Dr. Hodges is required to begin setting up surgery. Even existing patients, while we might have been monitoring cataract development for some time, would require an official evaluation determining surgical intervention is necessary. Once it is determined surgical intervention is the way to proceed, you will be handed over to one of our surgical coordinators to help set up everything. 

Dr. Hodges operates on Wednesdays at the Frederick Surgical Center. Patients are required by the surgical center to have a driver to and from surgery. A taxi or Uber is not an accepted means of transportation. 

Patients will need a medical clearance for the surgery within a certain time frame of scheduled surgery.

Visual Goals

Surgery presents a unique opportunity for patients to choose their corrective visual goals for post surgery. Technology has advanced where there are many different options for patients and their individual visual goals. Check out the link to view different lens options offered. 

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