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Specializing in cataract surgery and comprehensive ophthalmology


Out of the Office

Dr. Hodges will be out of the office between July 1st and July 12th. Staff will still be available for limited hours during this time to asset with scheduling future appointments and prescription needs. 

Allergy Season 

Summer weather brings pollen! Allergies can cause watering/tearing eyes, irritation, itching, and puffiness. Over the counter eye drops are available to help the symptoms such as; Pataday, Zaditor, and Lastacaft.

We've Updated Our OCT

February 2024

We've updated our OCT to the most current version and software which will allow for most accurate scans of retinal and optic nerve disease.

License Renewal

Dr. Hodges has renewed his Maryland medical license until September 2024!

Board Certified

Dr. Hodges has successfully completed Board Recertification, which will be until 2026. Click here to learn more.

See a Firsthand Account of Cataract Surgery Published in the Frederick News Post

January 21, 2016

Learn more about the surgery experience in this article, written by one of our patients.

At Frederick Eye Institute, we

are a Comprehensive

Ophthalmology practice

specializing in cataract surgery

and lens implants. We also

provide state of the art care for

glaucoma, macular degeneration,

diabetes, dry eyes, etc. as well

as routine eye exams. While we

employ the latest technology to diagnose and treat your eyes, we take pride in providing compassionate attention to individual's problems and in explaining these issues in understandable terms so that our patients can truly take charge of their own health.

Do You Really Need Expensive Cataract Surgery?

Let's face it - the insurance companies always want to reduce physician payments.  In recent years, one way eye surgeons have combated this trend is to add refractive components to their surgical technique which adds to the costs and are largely out of pocket.

Some of these such as lens implants for astigmatism are well worth the extra costs. Others, however, are not and can even have negative effects if it does not match the patient's visual goals. So what should you do? Obviously, always ask about the pros and cons of any proposed treatment but if you're faced with being told that you "need" cataract surgery with expensive out of pocket costs, simply get a second opinion.

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